Pure Tungsten Electrode Properties

Pure Tungsten Electrode Properties Picture

Pure Tungsten Electrode Properties

Compared with impure tungsten electrodes,pure tungsten electrode has the lowest current capacity and is the least expensive. When conducted alternating current, it can maintain a clean balled end.

What’s more, pure tungsten electrodes are more prone to weld contamination than other types of tungsten electrodes. Pure tungsten electrodes tend to spit at higher currents and used for non-critical welds only.

For its physical properties, pure tungsten electrode has the minimum content of 99.95% tungsten. they can be classified from their ends color from other tungsten electrode. For example, pure tungsten electrodes are green end, but thoriated tungsten electrode is red end.

Main Content (%) W:≥99.95
Content of other elements
(%) ≤
Fe 0.005 Al 0.002 Si 0.003 Mg 0.002
C 0.003 Ni 0.003 O 0.003 C 0.005
P 0.001 N 0.003 Pb 0.0001 Bi 0.0001
Sn 0.0001 Sb 0.001 As 0.002 Mo 0.01